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In the past Amazon has had a policy where if in 7 – 10 days after purchasing an item on the site you noticed the price cheaper somewhere else or if the price dropped on their site they would typically refund you the difference. Either to the credit card you purchased it with or by way of a Gift card.

From much reading online and personal experience today, they no longer do this. It is apparent they made a change sometime mid last year and then told the world they never had such a policy, to begin with, that they just gave their agents the freedom to choose to offer that.

Two days ago I placed an order for this Classic Brands Queen Adjustable Comfort Bed Base at the time it was $684.18, I had watched the price for a week hoping to see a price drop, but finally decided it was going to and placed my order as I really want to get my new bed setup so I can start getting a good nights sleep.

Today I happened to click over to the item to read the description and was shocked to see the price had dropped a huge $215.54, I hopped right on to chat to request my refund of the difference, because clearly, it has only been 2 days since ordering. I was promptly informed that Amazon does not do post-order price matching. This sure came as a surprise to me, as I have done this before when I was lucky enough to have a price drop just days after ordering.

The Amazon rep told me my only option to get the lower price would be to request a refund, refuse the delivery and let it go back and wait for a refund. Then I could place an order for a new one. To this point, I can not imagine how this is a better option. This base weighs 150 lbs. That means 3 trips for that. Once to my house, once back to Amazon and then another one to head out to my house. It completely boggles my mind how this makes any sense.

So basically I would steer clear of ordering ANYTHING of a big ticket item on Amazon if they can not offer this courtesy to their customers. I mean gees I’ve had a Prime account for ages now, I more or less do most of my shopping with them for any odds and ends I need and this is the treatment I get when they change the price so drastically.

I honestly would not be making such a fuss if this was a few dollar difference. Maybe even just something under $100 difference, it would hurt and would be irritating, but it would be low enough to shrug off. But over $200 difference in 2 days is INSANE. They should have some flexibility in cases like this.  To this point I would even settle for a gift card with the difference, not an ideal choice but I always need stuff off the site LOL.