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You might have seen adds for Coin before and had no idea what they were talking about. Well I want to introduce you to it. You can do this TOTALLY for free, but if you want to earn a little faster for a very small investment continue reading.

SO here is basically the just of it. You run this app called Coin and it uses your phone’s location and for each block you go through on the map you earn a certain about of their cryptocurrency called coin. When you earn enough you can cash out for either their XYO cryptocurrency or keep saving to cash out for actual bitcoin. This is a great app for anyone that is on the road a lot, because yes you can run it while driving and it still lets you earn.

Now for basic you can totally do this for free without buying anything. The thing is your earnings will be super slow. I can show you how to get a SentinelX which is the device you will need for only $12.95 shipping and that’s it and you will then earn 12x as much as long as you have the device with you.

You occasionally will pick up large amounts while driving around its quite exciting. I’m including screenshots of my app. They let you have a homebase and you earn more when you are chilling at home and letting it run and just let your GPS drift earn you coin LOL.

Also weekly they do a 100+ coin geodrop the more you have used the app during the week the higher it will be but it will always be at least 100.

So now you are asking How do I sign up right??

Step 1: Visit this link to sign up. https://coin.onelink.me/ePJg/d0e24ae2  (Of course its a referral link LOL)

Step 2: Get your SentinelX for $12.95 shipping https://special.coinapp.co/free-sentinel  (This is the cheapest you are gonna get it anywhere!! They go for $50 anywhere else, but through that promo link they are free and you only pay shipping)
Important Complete Step 1 first!!