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How many times have you gone to the pharmacy to pick up a new medicine, only to get major sticker shock, even while using your insurance?

Blink Health is a new way to purchase your medicines at deep discounts, and you still get to use your pharmacy. Basically, you take the time to weigh your options between your insurance or Blink and see who gives you the best savings on a medicine.

Right now when you sign up, you get a $10 credit off your first purchase.

How does Blink work?

When you go to the site, search the medicine you have a prescription for. Once you have found it, it gives you your price, if it beats your insurance coverage, add it to your cart and checkout.

You will be given a Card to print out and present to your pharmacy of choice, they will use this to process your prescription and you will pay $0 at the pharmacy, as you have already paid and saved with Blink!!