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christmas clearance

So I braved the cold and went ahead to try my luck at Walmart for the 75% off Christmas clearance to see what I could find. Above you can see my haul that I only paid $6.96 total for everything shown.

Here are the items I found:

christmas sets
These sets were still in the red boxes on the hangers but you may need to look deeper in boxes. These kinds of items were $1.22 after the 75% off.

christmas sale
These smaller items I found in a box mixed with a bunch of other items like nail files and hand sanitizers

christmas clearanceCookie cutter sets were only $0.36! At that price grab a set for the kids to trace and color with! The smaller brushes are now $0.25 and make cute additions to gift baskets!

christmas clearance

The highlight for me was the clothes that were left. I always get my husband the Santa boxers as a gag gift and for under $2 heck yea! The baby clothes were an awesome deal for someone you know that’s expecting and due around the holidays or get larger items for older babies if there are bigger sizes available.